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Audio/Video Transcription

Do you run a radio station or an entertainment show? Whether you are running a web series or hosting guests in your talk show or hosting delegates for your meetings and webinars, you might need to transcribe your audio/video content at any time. This is when you might need Audio /Video Transcription Services.

Audio Transcription allows changing the sound to text, synchronized to the media with a time stamp. On the other hand, video transcription follows a similar procedure to that of audio interpretation but comes with some extra alternatives, for example, subtitling and captioning.

A transcription specialist will transcribe your audio or video files to a text file very easily. All that a customer needs to do is to upload their audio/video files in the transcription company’s server and wait for the transcription. The transcriber tries to understand the refinement of each word, along with the spelling and punctuation while carrying out audio transcription. Moreover, skilled transcribers can transcribe any muddy audio or poor video recording to text transcripts and subtitles in any language.

When Do You Need Transcription Services?

Audio/ Video Transcription Services are available for every industry verticals, such as educational institutions, law firms, healthcare, the entertainment industry, and much more. An expert transcriber will ensure to convert the audio/video content properly so that the essential parts from the content don’t get missed out from the text. They would convert it in a way so that it’s easy to read for the target audiences.

You might need to convert your interview or seminars or academic research or podcasts or conference calls into accurate transcripts. This is where we can help you out. At TransWorld, our transcribers being native-speaking professionals can work with any type of recordings and video formats. They can easily create a clean and accurate text file in multiple languages without distorting the original meaning of the source content. Our transcribers will ensure that each project they handle successfully meets the client requirement. This would help the customers to remain satisfied.

A business must go for professional transcription services as it can make a great difference to the business. High-quality transcription services allow business houses to get valuable insights from their recorded audio and video content when it’s converted to a text file. The insights could be used for business expansion and growth or meeting customer demands.

At TransWorld, our professional transcriptionist works round the clock to deliver a project on time and that too without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the transcription.

Give us a call today for availing any kind of transcription services.

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